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Patent Discovery

Easy discovery of suitable patents using semantic search and 100+ searchable fields inlcluding prosecution/appeal histories in Japan, making full use of machine learning technology without the need for expert knowledge.

Search results contain aggregate results of patent attribute information such as applicants and patent classifications on sidebar, and you can easily add filter conditions simply by clicking on them.

Boolean Search

You can search with logical set operations as with general search engines.
In the main search field, you can :
AND search by separating the queries with a space or " AND " such as 'neural network',
OR search by connecting "OR" between queries such as 'neural OR network',
NOT search by connecting "-" or " NOT " between queries such as 'neural -network',
Phrease search by enclosing multiple words separated by space with double quotation marks(") such as '"neural network"'.

In Advanced Search's Filters(Details), by default the space separator operates as the OR search (including any). You can change the behavior of the space separator with the right select box.

Near Search

You can search documents where multiple words appear close together.
In the main search field, you can
Near search by inputting '*Nx"word1 word2 ... word N"' (x is numerical value) such as '*N5"neural network"'.
You can filter by how many additional words can appear in the search results.

In Advanced Search's Filters(Details), you can Near search to select "Including within x" of the right select box and enter a numerical value in the x field and input multiple words separated by blank.
Near search can not be used for any search fields that do not support near search, such as application number and filing date.

Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy search can return results where some characters may be different from the search query. For example, if you enter "GOOGLE" for applicants of US, you can also see results with misspellings such as GOOGEL OR GOOGOLE.

Fuzzy search is available for some search fields in the Advanced Search's Filters(Details). adding a filter condition, to select "Fuzzy match" of the right select box and entering a numerical value up to 5 in the x field you can hit attributes whose changed within x characters from search query.

Semantic Search

Similarity search with the potential semantic meaning based on machine learning technology. For example, the keywords "SOLAR PANELS" and "PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS" have similar potential semantic meanings. Searching with a keyword "SOLAR PANELS" or sentence including the keyword will return similar concept documents including "SOLAR PANELS" or "PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS".

By specifying the patent or publication number, it is possible to search similar concept documents. You can also semantic search by clicking the link of the search result list or details page.

If your search is not returning relevant results, please input exact keywords appearing in documents to second field of Advanced Search.

Similar Keywords/IPC/Applicants

You can extract similar concept keywords/IPC/applicants etc by clicking similar keyword search button in Advanced Search after inputting the keyword in the main search field.

When you click on the similar keyword, the selected keyword is added to the end of the main search field.

Expert Search

Expert search can build complex search conditions with commands of the {search item code}: {search query} syntax. It is a functionality for experts.

By entering L:{line number}, you can specify a line and search with logical operation by combining the population.

Help Code list

Patent AI Score

Search and analyze patents using 120+ search and visualization methods.

Patent score with 40+ customizable conditions in prosecution/appeal history, such as citation. Visualize patents with patent score or number of patent applications.

Supervised AI Score

You can set binary or multiclass supervised labels with natural sentences or patent application numbers of the technology you want to search in the AI score settings. We can learn 10K supervised data with supervised machine learning within a few seconds to 10 seconds at high speed. With your own model machine-learned, you can predict up to 100K search results within a few seconds and add it to the score.

You can conduct research more efficiently by supervised learning. In addition, since it is possible to predict arbitrary search results, you can easily find out newly interesting patents.

Semantic Score

By scoring in descending order of similarity from any natural documents or specific documents you want to find, you can investigate immediately from the patent literature that is close to the technology you are looking for without preparing teacher data etc.

You can easily conduct surveys efficiently from nearby content technologies without altering the search results by inputting any sentences or numbers in the Advanced Search.

Patent Analysis / Visualization

Search and analyze patents using 120+ search and visualization methods.

Patent score with 40+ customizable conditions in prosecution/appeal history, such as citation. Visualize patents with patent score or number of patent applications.

Cross Tabulation

When you select a cross tabulation field next to the graph displayed in the search result, the top 10 items of the two selection items are extracted. Easily make various charts such as bubble charts and bar charts with cross tabulation between the top 10 results

It is also possible to compare with specific values instead of the top 10 by specifying the search conditions in the Advanced Search -> Cross Tabulation

Patent Scoring

Patents can be evaluated for strength and value depending on the number of times cited in other patent applications.

Evaluation can be customized with a choice of 40+ conditions including prosecution/appeal histories (JPO only) from the score tab in Advanced Search.

Citation Analysis

By visualizing citing/cited quotations of patents, it is easy to find basic patents and technologies. Just by clicking a node, you can trace citing/cited relationships.

You can analyze citation of up to 5,000 patents at once. You can also combine and analyze patents that are cited/citing patents matching search criteria from Advanced Search.

You can easily find important patents from among a large number of patents by filtering with cited number, filing date, applicant, etc.

Patent Timeline

You can see the duration of patent, expiry date of patent maintenance fee, the cancellation date, etc. with timeline style.

You can easily check the residual right period and how legal status of the patents you are looking for.

Patent Ranking

Applicants/Assignee, Agents/Law firms and Inventors Ranking. An objective analysis of innovator/practitioner performance based on complex big-data analytics.

It can be reflected patent scoring and various search methods as the above-mentioned to the rankings.

Nikkei 225 Ranking

Weekly patents ranking of Nikkei 225.

You can find out newly patents of major companies in the field of securities codes such as pharmaceutical, machinery, IT & services.

Data Management

By signing up, you can use various data management functionalities such as pdf bulk download of original JPO PDF, Excel export of search result/aggregate result, save search conditions on our server, and email alerts.

PDF Bulk Download

You can download up to 100 original PDFs of publications from JPO in the search results. (JPO publications published since 1971 / USPTO publications published since 1976)

The download process is executed in the background on our server. To confirm process and download bulk files from My Account.

Excel/Graph exporting

Search results can be exported via an Excel file (up to 1000 records at once).

The Excel file includes not only search results but also aggregate results data. (Sample: )

Save search conditions

The complex search and analysis conditions set in Advanced Search can be saved Advanced Search to our server.

The search conditions can be named, and can be organized according to the application, by case or by customer.

Default settings can be used to customize the display count, sorting condition, scoring condition, etc.

Email Alert

Users can be notified weekly by email of search results based on the saved search conditions when new results are published or updated.

E-mail will be sent every Friday morning in JST(※) after updated the published/granted publications and the prosecution/appeal histories.

※Email notifications may be delayed due to update processing status.






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